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Eligibility and Rates

Do you have any rooms?


Yes, we currently have rooms available on the second floor of our building.

Who can live at McKinley Care?

We are licensed to care for:


"Adults 18 years and older who have physical disability, are elderly or suffer from dementia but who are not diagnosed as chronically mentally ill."

It says 'not diagnosed as chronically mentally ill' .  Can I still live there if I have anxiety or depression?


Yes.  Lots of people have anxiety, depression and other mental health problems.  As long as that is not the main reason that you need assisted living we can probably accommodate you.


Can I have a private room?


Yes.  We have a limited number of private rooms.

How much does it cost?


If you are currently approved for Alaska ALI waiver our room and board charges can be as little as $400 / month for a shared room.    If you want a private room, the room and board charges are between $1000 and $1400 / month.

What is included in room and board?


  • Room with large handicap accessible bath.

  • Three meals per day

  • Laundry service.

  • Housekeeping service.

  • All utilities

  • Basic cable service

  • Wireless internet

  • Shared public telephone.

  • Use of outdoor smoking area and assistance to access it.


All the comforts of home.

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